ME 110: Mechanics of Materials 

Mechanics of deformable bodies subjected to axial, torsional, shear, and bending loads; combined stresses; and their applications to the design of structures.

ME 10: Statics

Equilibrium of coplanar force systems; analysis of frames and trusses; noncoplanar force systems; friction; distributed loads.

ME 267: Finite Element Methods

Concepts of finite element methods with applications using commercial software. Linear static, modal, and thermal formulations. Solution methods, modeling techniques, mesh generation, and design analysis. Nonlinear and dynamic formulations introduced. Individual deliverables range from basic theoretical code formulation to evaluation in product development. Team-based projects develop formal presentation skills.

Open Office Hours (Scheduled Quarterly)

Regular, structured, counseling sessions devoted to provide guidance on career trajectories, transitioning to industry, life goals, job interviews, and graduate school. All students are welcome.

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